The first date is around the corner? How to master it successfully!

After a few emails and phone calls, the time has finally come: they make an appointment for the first date and are probably already very excited. How will he / she be, do profile pictures and what you've been doing so far agree with reality? And, will you arrive at him / her? Questions about questions to which we would like to give you here the most important answers and tips: From the preparations for the first date, about the choice of possible joint activities and the perfect location, to the discussion and the behavior "afterwards". Here we go:


  • Tips before the first date
  • What should you wear for the first date?
  • During the first date: The dating guide
  • First date over? What to do after the appointment

Tips before the first date

The first date is approaching inexorably. Your thoughts are constantly circling around the meeting, your pulse racing? We have put together a small emergency program that will help you to get over the fear of the first date and also to feel safe when you get to know each other for the first time.

The excitement is rising

First Date, what to do in advance? With great excitement before the first appointment helps distraction. What is your favorite music? Just put it in the player and turned it up! Suitable are songs that inspire you and make you feel good. Sing along? Wild dancing? Everything allowed! The result: The mood increases and the excitement sets - guaranteed!

Well impregnated

Sounds a bit romantic at first, but it really helps to tame the inner tension: think of some exciting questions for the first date. Make funny anecdotes for any breaks. This makes you feel safer and impregnates you against excessive embarrassment. If the evening does not go as planned, plan ahead to plan B to ensure that you can leave at any time, such as a friend who calls you after an agreed time.

Get friends on board before the first date

Who says that you have to deal with your nervousness alone? Call one of your loved ones. Talk about it, have fun together about your condition - and let your back strengthen. Informing friends and family about the date not only lowers the excitement but also provides security. Make a call back at a fixed time so that your trusted person knows everything is OK. Important here - Do not forget the charged phone!

Neutral ground

Meet the first date "on neutral ground", for example in a busy public place or in a place where you are very knowledgeable and secure. Do not be fetched from home or brought home if you feel unwell during your appointment.

First Date, what to do? Breath in, breath out…

Sounds like a platitude - but actually works immediately: just take a deep breath. Close your eyes and focus on it. For a few minutes, exhale twice as long as one. Ideally, you can get air over your nose - and breathe out again over the slightly open mouth. As simple as this exercise is, it is so reassuring. Also during the first meeting

Think pink!

Experts call it "positive visualization": Imagine your first date in the most perfect version. Everything runs like clockwork, you react charmingly, are confident and just relaxed. Such daydreams calm down a lot and take away much of the anxiety. Keep your healthy judgment anyway! Take good care of yourself and do not let yourself be pushed into something that you would not do in other introductory situations.Do you want a date? Register now for free at free chat room and meet interesting singles

First Date: The Dub Disaster

You are not very skilled anyway? And if you’re nervous about the date, does your clumsiness make you a public threat? Then, of course, a first date becomes a challenge: whether your mouth gets a mouthful of food, the red wine on your opponent's trousers or contraceptive pills - it tends to be terribly embarrassing. But only if you let it happen! Basically, a mishap does not spoil an evening - if you handle it with humor, it can even make you both more relaxed.Additional tip for the first date: Appear a little earlier at the meeting point to acclimatize.

The blackout trap on the first date

"Since your first mail you have not left my head, Paula ... err Tina ..." Where else do you have a long-term memory, does a black hole gap in your pocket? Here is the bad news: For such dropouts, there is no excuse. Even if you forget that you are not ready for your first date at eight-thirty, or have left your wallet at home, ten out of ten people will be in trouble. So if you do not want to appear superficial or disinterested, you MUST have your forgetfulness under control - if necessary with notes!

The body accident when first getting to know each other

When tense, does your body go crazy? Your skin gets red spots, it torments your abdominal cramps - and you cannot get a word out? Usually, diffuse fears of failure are the trigger. It helps to imagine in advance what REALLY can happen at the first date in the worst case scenario. And how generous you would react to an insecure counterpart. You tend to uncontrolled burping or even bloating?

First Date Tip: Already the day before the fingers of garlic, legumes and similar problematic food leave - and tumble down in the excitement no amount of carbonated drinks. If you still start crimson when greeting the first date: Speak openly about your "stage fright". Maybe your counterpart is just as nervous?

The farewell mess

Shortly before your way separates after the first meeting, the question often comes: "See you again?" If everything went really well, you can counter with a cheerful "Absolutely definitely!!!” But what if your interest is limited? Here are manners before honesty: "Better a root canal than another meeting with you!" As well as compassionate shaking his head. No matter how boring or catastrophic the first date may have been, "You're really nice, but unfortunately it did not spark!" Should be in there. Always ask yourself what you would consider acceptable. Or move the friendly basket to the phone the next day. For more join free chat room or talk to strangers and enjoy.

First date over? What to do after the appointment

The typical scenario following - the Wer-derives-first-game. Are you waiting for the famous three days? Or is it better to let his feelings go immediately? Maybe you do not even know if it's worth arranging another date? There are ways to casually deal with the inevitable uncertainties of getting to know each other. Just adhere to the following points:

Always with Tranquility…

Oh! My! God! Are you even more excited after the first date than before? Your curiosity about the other is huge? Take a deep breath! Nothing speaks against a message on the way home (please short, no novels!), in which you find out how beautifully you found the meeting. Only: do not expect an immediate answer. And do not send anything else! Let the date pass by in peace. And even if you come to the clear conclusion right away: I want to see you again - give the other person the time he / she needs. How do I behave when he does not answer? Do not be impatient if he / she does not respond immediately.

Adieu first Date: Now it is time to wait and drink tea...

It sounds funny at times, but putting the subject on the table has already put one or two obstacles in the way of love. The fossilized energies are definitely rolling. Depending on your partner's reaction, you may now ask for a little more time (if he's been in love with you at your initiative) or agree that you leave it at the first meeting and end the encounter with a good feeling.

Trust Cupid

A third option is useful if you actually have a lot to say, enjoy the first date with the person and be open for a good friendship. Just get to know each other - everything else brings the time. But arrange in parallel with other candidates. So you take the pressure out of your encounter and Cupid has another opportunity to aim. Because one thing you must not forget: The good cupid is indeed a skilled archer - but he does not like to watch it. If he wants, then he will meet. And that can be today or in ten years. For more details visit our site talk to strangers.

Rolling thinking overboard!

First date done, but what to do now? Many women are passive - even when the signs of the date are good - to avoid the impression of being "easy". And if he does not answer, then he just does not deserve it. Throw such role stereotypes overboard! There are enough timid men who simply keep their insecurity from showing signs. Conversely, men should be free chat from the idea that a woman who answers first must be uninteresting - or "needs it." Place value on eye level and appreciation. Or you prefer little partnership role models - in which dusty behavior rules such as the 3-Date rule be valid? So: who is interested, may sign up - female as little man! Whether that is on the evening of the first date or three days later ... Take the time you need (a promising contact does not fail a few hours or days too early or too late). But then: Take heart, instead of showing the cold shoulder!

First date, second date: date problems? Negotiator!

A sensitive topic: scheduling difficulties in the arrangements for the second date. Honesty is here - as so often - the royal road: If you made offers that you really cannot perceive, be outright and ideally propose a different appointment. The other one is extremely rare - and winds around with thousands of important arguments for the next date? Address the problem openly afterwards. If it is less a time problem than a lack of interest, you have a right to know that quickly! If you need more suggestion visit our site free chat rooms.

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